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Wellness Centre

Onsite Health Screening

An essential first step in preventive healthcare, health screening helps to detect silent health problems. This translates to earlier diagnosis, cost effective treatment and higher chance of recovery.

Aside from health screenings for individuals, Asia HealthPartners also provides onsite health screenings for corporate clients.

We understand the importance of corporate healthcare for better productivity, employee well-being and morale in the workplace.

With an extensive range of services to choose from, our onsite health screenings can be customised to fit the needs of your corporation and employees.

Our onsite health screenings are conducted conveniently in your premises with the help of our experienced staff.

After an onsite health screening, detailed medical reports will be sent to the individual employees with relevant recommendations based on the results. Abnormal / urgent results will be conveyed in the shortest timeframe possible.

Enjoy quality corporate healthcare at the convenience of your doorstep!

Here are some of the components that can be included in an onsite health screening:

Corporate health profile for:
(These 4 tests are claimable under the WHP grant)

BMI (Body Mass Index)
Blood test (Blood pressure)
Lipid profile (Cholesterol)
Glucose (Diabetes)

Flu (Influenza)
HPV (Cervical Cancer)
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B

Talks and seminars
Health talks and seminars are also available. Contact us to view the list of topics or to customise the topic of your choice.

Email corporate@advancedmedicine.sg for more details on any of the above.