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Screening Dictionary

Medical History & Physical Examination

A complete medical examination will be performed by our experienced doctors, following a detailed review of your present and past medical history. Breast self examination will also be taught to ladies.

Body Composition Analysis

The fat and muscle composition of the body will be assessed. The basal metabolic rate and body mass index are also evaluated.

Eye and Ear Screening

Near, far and color vision will be assessed. Otoscopy will be performed to exclude diseases of the ear


This is an eye pressure test done for the early diagnosis of glaucoma.

Camera Retina Test

A color photograph of the retina is taken to detect detachment of the retina as well as direct assessment of the retinal blood vessels. This is especially important for those with diabetes and high blood pressure, as they have higher chance of blood vessel leakage that can result in blindness.


This test assesses the function of your lungs. Suitable for clients who smoke or are suffering from chronic lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)

This test assesses the electrical activity of the heart that can detect abnormal heart rhythm as well as an indirect indication of heart enlargement due to high blood pressure or ischemic heart disease.

Treadmill Stress Test

This is a non-invasive screening test for early detection of heart artery blockage problems. It provides more information than a resting ECG.

Pelvic Examination & PAP Smear (for ladies)

This is a test to assess the cervix for cervical cancer, pre-cancer, abnormal cell changes and infections.

Ultrasound Abdomen

This scan assesses the abdominal organs including the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys for cancer, stones and other growths.

Mammogram & Ultrasound Breasts (for ladies)

Mammogram is recommended yearly for ladies above 40 years of age for early detection of breast cancer. Ultrasound of the breasts is useful to detect small breast lumps which may not be palpable, especially in ladies with dense breasts.

Ultrasound Pelvis

This pelvic scan enables detailed assessments of the reproductive organs, to detect cancer and other growths of the womb and ovaries.

CT Bone Mineral Density Test

This is a screen for osteoporosis, useful for women above 40 years old and men above 50 years old.

Ultrasound Prostate (for gentlemen)

This scan assesses the prostate gland for enlargement and cancer.

CT Calcium Score

This is a fast scan of your heart that is performed without any contrast injection. It is an indication of the calcium deposit within the arteries of the heart that serve as an estimate of the likelihood of coronary heart disease.

CT Coronary Angiogram-128 Slice, low radiation dose

This is a non-invasive highly accurate heart scan that provides a detailed assessment of the heart arteries. A contrast injection will be given. The test will detect cholesterol deposits, calcium deposits in the coronary arteries and provide an indication of the severity of the disease. This will determine if medications, stents or bypass are required.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (HDx 1.5T MRI)

MRI is performed without radiation and is safe for most people. It provides excellent visualization of the organs within the body as well as detailed evaluation of the blood vessels. MRI is useful for detailed study of the brain, breasts, heart, liver, pelvis, spine as well the blood vessels of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and the lower limbs.

Hematology Screen

Screens for blood disorders and blood cancer such as leukemia.

Lipid Screen

Screens for coronary risk with full cholesterol profile.

Kidney Screen

This test assesses the kidney function.

Liver Screen

This test assesses the liver function for indication of liver problems

Diabetic Screen

Screens for diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Bone & Joint Screen

Screens for bone and joint disorders such as gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

Thyroid Screen

This test assesses the thyroid hormones which are essential for the body.

Cancer Markers

These markers may be associated with certain cancers e.g. nose, liver, colon, ovary and prostate.

Hepatitis Screen

Screens for Hepatitis A, B and C diseases and immunity. Vaccination can be considered if there is no immunity.

STD Screen

Screens for sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and HIV

Urine Analysis

This provides an indication of urinary tract diseases e.g. stones.

Stool Analysis for occult blood

This is a screening test for colon cancer.