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Imaging Centre

VEO™ - CT750 HD with the latest low dose technology
VEO™ incorporates an advance image reconstruction process that enables optimal images to be produced at a low radiation dose. It reduces "noise" in the image that obscure detail which may be important for a diagnosis to be made. Radiologists (Doctors who specialize in Diagnostic Imaging) benefit from the clearer, better-defined images, enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis.
Radiation exposure from CT scan has been a concern for healthcare providers and patients. With VEO™, the patient may be scanned at a dose that is 1/8th that of its predecessor (LightSpeed VCT)
For example: A regular abdominal CT generates about 6-10 abdominal X-rays worth of radiation. With VEO™ dose reduction technology, the same scan can be achieved at a dose equivalent to only 1 abdominal X-ray.
Features of VEO™:
  • Optimal image quality with as little as 1/8 the radiation dose*
  • Industry leading spatial resolution (0.23mm) improves analysis of small structures
  • Reduces image noise and artifacts that obscure underlying structures

Who will benefit from the low dose technology?

Radiation dose exposure is cumulative and each successive scan increases its detrimental effects. The VEO™ low dose technology is beneficial to anyone who needs to have a CT scan.

It is particularly beneficial to young patients as well as patients requiring repeat CT scans to have as low a radiation dose exposure as possible.

"With VEO™, clearer images are produced at reduced radiation"

Low Radiation Dose
CT abdomen performed at a dose of less than 2 abdominal Xrays*
Low Radiation Dose
CT Heart scan at up to 83% dose reduction

         Femoral artery stent            High definition image

*Effective dose of 1.6mSv using Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR™)
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